Lobsters & sea creatures perform with Mr Tim @ the Candelo Festival

Mr Tim at Candelo Festival 2013 - with kidsAs a performer at the inaugural Candelo Village Festival, it was a real privilege to be invited back to not only perform but also to run a workshop with any kids game to get up on stage with me and the Fuzzy Elbows. There was about 20 participants and I was totally blown away at the amount of information they were able to take on and retain in only 90mins.

We performed a piece called ‘ConFUNKtionary’ which is a piece made up of food elements that are created by the participants and then we add a well-known song or two with food words substituted for the real ones. The performance was beautifully done with the kids leaving us all feeling very hungry indeed. This was enhanced by the fact that children were in their costumes for the parade included a very dynamically bright lobster and other sea creatures!

The Fuzzy elbows, Ted on drums and Ed on bass wowed the crowds with some old Mr Tim favourites such as ‘I wish I was a muso’ and brought them a taste of some new material which included ‘Scabs are irresistible’ which had the mums and dads in the audience groaning in adult appreciation!

All in all an amazing gig, the festival was again a beautiful tribute to the local area and the talent that is to be found in the beautiful Bega Valley.

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