Inspiring some holiday silliness!

Mr TimOn Monday over 80 children joined in a large room in North Ainslie Primary school to participate in a Mr Tim workshop as part of the YMCA holiday care program. With ages of 5-12, there was a lot of excitement in the room for some who had already had an experience of my workshops before. We played a lot of games, a particular highlight was watching the kids create machines out of their bodies with the final one being a working toilet! 🙂

There was lots of laughter and silliness encouraged and the adults in the room were well entertained by the kids’ antics. We finished with a rousing rendition of the ‘Pie song’ and ‘Let’s sing a song’ – an improvisation song, where the audience give three random words to me to fit into a verse. Once again I found that three items are a wonderful challenge for the brain which resulted in one verse containing; balloons, ice cream and gorillas! Needless to say there was much hilarity and we all finished up feeling much wiser for the singing!

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