Presenting at the ACTmen conference

Last Friday, I joined my fellow colleagues at CIT in Woden for the ACT Music Educators Network (ACTmen) conference. Dr Anita Collins was the guest speaker and she gave us loads of information about the link between neuroscience and musicians. You can hear a ‘brainy’ radio interview with her, here

I was asked to present to my fellow educators and I gave a workshop on “Five Fun Five Minute Fillers for the everyday classroom”. We looked at fun things to do with kids in short spaces of time and ways to engage reluctant students. The teachers were able to experience these activities as we worked through them together. My favourite moments were watching everyone make ‘silly’ noises as we explored the various sounds that the human vocal system can make. It always astounds me what people are able to come up with!


We had a great time playing games and exploring the different aspects of educational entertainment. I am finding myself often saying that teachers must be ‘more entertaining than a computer game and faster than the internet!’ to keep all students engaged. No big ask for these talented and resourceful people!

We finished our session with a great little game of handshake creations and everyone left with big smiles on their faces, ready to try a little more ‘crazy’ in their classrooms.

A big thank you to the ACTmen committee for inviting me to speak as well as a wonderful day of music education!



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