‘I Can Fly’ Album Launched!

Making 'Moose' sounds with the audience!

Making ‘Moose’ sounds with the audience!

What a dream come true! 300 people packed out the Lyneham High Performing Arts Centre as I took to the stage with an 11 piece Fuzzy Elbows band and 14 member children’s choir. The crowd loved the opening ‘I can fly’ and the dance floor immediately filled as Stuart King wailed on his guitar in the bluesy number ‘It’s not right’. As the set progressed everyone became more and more impressed with the ‘Coolabah Choir’ as their precision, focus and energy was faultless before the biggest crowd they had ever performed in front of.

The final number ‘Rock Rock’ saw even three year olds head banging away to the amazing sound of the band. The encore provided a quiet moment as I played ‘Backwards Alphabet’ before the audience started up a Fuzzy Elbows chant for everyone to play the final number ‘Greatest Way To Learn’. This had the whole audience on their feet singing along with huge smiles and cheers for all the band as each person soloed away.

Signing Posters backstage

What an amazing experience. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more. A huge thank you to Nathalie Bevitt for all her support in getting such a great album and show together, couldn’t have done it without you! Also to the team that helped set up and all the Mr Tim supporters for your enthusiasm.

There was singing, laughing and a rocking dance floor – what more could a Mr Tim want?! 🙂

Mr Tim and the Fuzzy ElbowsCrowd enjoying the launch

Stay tuned: The album will shortly be available for download and purchase online and in Landspeed Records, Canberra.

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