Just Like Clockwork – A Musical

20180502_133515This year has given us one of the most amazing community arts projects, supported and funded by the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Nathalie and I have been working with an incredible bunch of 21 children aged 7 to 13 years old who wanted to be part of this with no previous experience needed…just a will to create something incredible. The premise was to work with them to create an original rock opera from scratch, based around the Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s theme of ‘Entropy’.

It sounded challenging and fun all at the same time. It was to enable an art creation from children and make them experience the process in its totality enabling them to demonstrate their great capabilities, originality and professionalism. So with the challenge set we began building our company in a week long workshop that surprised us by ending with a mini musical that explored the theme. 

Over the last term we spent time coming up with a story and characters and working on building stage and singing skills. This complex process took us to places none of us expected and the creativity was flying from one idea to the next. We then had our second week long holiday workshop where we began to develop the script. Groups were put together to make up various scenarios and lyrics for the songs.

We nearly had a finished script by the end of the week and work began on the staging. We cast the performers for all the roles and set about working in the Tuggeranong Arts Centre theatre.

During this time we have been working with professional artists such as Tom Buckland to bring about our collective vision of sets and props for this wacky adventure and Leena Wall providing a dance troop and some choreography. Also through the generous help of Sarah Samsara the costumes have taken shape and are bringing the colours of the musical to life.

The music has been written by Mr Tim and will be performed by a band of professional musicians who are really excited to be involved in such a special project. The styles range from rock to funk, an Arabic march and a foot stomping finale with solos from many of the characters and the chorus.

This project is unique. It has so many unexpected elements that can only come from collaborating with a bunch of creative children, professional artists and the wonderful staff of the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

Tim & Nathalie Bevitt - Just Like Clockwork, a Musical

An entropic musical written and performed by local children under the direction of Tim and Nathalie Bevitt

In this kooky, creative and off the wall musical created by children aged 7-14 working with Tim and Nathalie Bevitt, curious inventor Alberta Clausius Thompson Morowitz and her philosophical snow leopard friend Morbid Redfrost join a motley crew of Questers drawn by trickery through a clock faced portal into a decaying theme park.

Just Like Clockwork is a self-devised musical, written, developed and performed by local children in response to Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s 2018 theme ‘Entropy.’ Participants worked to create the musical with Tim and Nathalie Bevitt in a series of weekend workshops and holiday intensives over a six month period.

Designed to provide an accessible performance development opportunity to children in Southern Canberra, the Just Like Clockwork project has instilled participants with new confidence and creativity, developing their skills across writing, drama, song and dance as well as building capacity for creative thinking and teamwork.

Now, we invite audiences to come and see their talents shine on stage in this truly one-of-a-kind musical!

When:  Friday 22nd June @ 6:30pm
              Saturday 23rd June @ 3pm

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
137 Reed Street, Greenway ACT

Tickets: $12 each 

Info & Booking, please click here>>

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