Extravaganza program

What is it?

The impossible made possible with fun and ease! Mr Tim teaches the whole school (up to 400 students) in just FOUR DAYS a high energy, original concert of music, dance and drama items the likes of which have never been seen before!

This is a highly rewarding program that can be tailored to the needs of your school and will deliver a polished performance, whilst engaging and inspiring the students and giving them all a successful and empowering experience.

How does it work?

Classes will take part in a lesson each day for three days with their teachers accompanying them each time. Teachers and students will be given practice tools such as video tutorials, word sheets and recordings for class time rehearsals. After a final quick rehearsal on day four, the whole school will then watch a dress rehearsal in the afternoon, followed by a one hour concert for the public that night.

In addition there is an optional teacher’s item that will taught in 2 x one hour workshops after school.

What does it consist of?

The program consists of original music, dance and drama items with student input into the content and rehearsal processes an essential ingredient.

Who created it?

This educational entertainment package is created, conducted and hosted by Mr Tim.

What are the benefits for teachers and principals?

Mr Tim will create, rehearse and run your concert involving all students while taking away ‘performance stress’ from your staff. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your school’s talent to the wider community and receive the benefits of the increased student engagement.

It is also an opportunity for teachers to learn from experiencing a specialist in action and Mr Tim provides on the spot feedback and advice on how to put elements of his techniques into the everyday classroom.

What ages and abilities are catered for?

All ages and abilities are catered for, from K-6, Junior, Middle and Senior school programs as well as for ESL and special needs.

This program follows the National Curriculum and strives to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve.

Why should you get this program?

In short this is an experience that will have a positive impact on everyone who participates, as the Extravaganza Program is all about learning how to love, laughing, performing and finding the magic in life.

Cost and bookings:

Standard package for primary schools (P-6) starts at $3500.

(Small school prices available)

For availability and bookings contact Mr Tim



 One day and Preschool programs

Please click here>>> to view details and prices.


See below the making of an Extravaganza by Mr Tim @ Hughes Primary School:


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