Mr Tim on PushBikeMr Tim brings out the best in people.

He is a professional musician and qualified teacher with over 17 years experience in the field. He is highly sought after as an entertainer, performing arts specialist, teacher and composer. He is renowned for his unique programs that motivate, empower and engage both children and adults alike.

He brings high quality performances together in short periods of time with his rich set of skills, humour and energy; making the arts accessible to all ages and bringing out the confidence and hidden talents of  all those he works with.

There are many hats to Mr Tim:

Sketch 2015-05-01 08_28_38Performer – Mr Tim spreads joy and laughter through his music and performances. His ’Tweenies’ Rock’ is aimed at bringing quality music to primary aged kids (5-12 yrs) with a little something for the bigger kids (adults) to enjoy too! Singing songs about learning from your mistakes, breakfast foods with a horse, jumping and fuzzy animals, rocking rock, the reason for rainbows and the art of flying, there is something for everyone to relate to…totally inspired by ‘Classic Sesame Street’ meeting the ‘Muppets’ with a little twist of his own.

The spontaneous elements of his performances are sure to entertain and you can always expect the unexpected. Alongside him you can also meet the ‘Fuzzy Elbows’ (The Band!) who are a wonderful delight of humour and fun..the thrilling, unmistakable icing to the rocking feast experience!

Some of his recent gigs have seen him appear at the National Gallery of Australia and the Summer Sounds series at the National Botanic Gardens to excited and dancing crowds of all ages.

Check here for some of the songs from his latest album ‘I Can Fly’.

Sketch 2015-05-01 09_14_26Performing Arts Specialist / Teacher – Mr Tim has a unique approach to teaching bringing fun and joy to the classroom and workshops. The fast-paced, engaging material includes people of all levels and ages and brings out the inner child in everyone! In a safe environment, he leads you to discover the inner artist within us all and gives opportunities to share your gifts with others.

From teaching the Extravaganza program (directing and teaching 400 kids in 4 days to put on a show) to preschool programs, one day creative workshops and teacher professional learning, Mr Tim relates to all ages. He is able to create bonding experiences to all of those who come into contact with him and through his engaging personality and unique set of skills, he captures your imagination and ignites the joy for life within you.

Sketch 2015-05-01 08_33_21Composer – In recent times, the demand for more engaging material for ‘tweenies’ has grown, especially for the classroom, schools and at home. Mr Tim has been commissioned to write school songs that give a ‘lift’ to official school functions, songs that fit into various themes such as the environment and science and has created rhythm and movement works for classes to perform at events such as Dancefest (ACT). He was recently commissioned to create an EP and cowrite a show for healthy eating for the ACT Department of Health. The Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) also commissioned for a song for democracy to add to their online curriculum support for teachers and students.

Sketch 2015-05-01 08_39_10Family/Community  building – Realising the need for more activities that families can do together, Mr Tim has created family workshops and run community choirs. Bringing families and communities together with great songs, drama games, silly noises and laughter, he helps everyone connect with their ‘inner child’.

There are a few more hats that are lying around in the cupboard just waiting to be given their chance to see the light….as soon as Mr Tim finds the right clothes to wear with them!

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