Mr TIm: article by a kid

A selection from the grown-ups:

“When I hear the words “Mr Tim”, the biggest smile possible overtakes my face. This man is inspiring, motivating, unique, warm, zany and deliriously talented! My students love him, my teachers adore him, the parents are entranced by his talents! We can’t wait for more this year!!” Kate Smith (Principal, Hughes P.S.)

“We love your music!…It’s so refreshing to have kids’ music that is real music.” Susan (Parent)

“We’ve just returned from visiting our 3 grandsons in Canberra where every ride in the car resulted in a plea to please play Mr. Tim!! Each young’un had their favourite track and would ‘rock out’. Had to steel ourselves for the ‘Scab’ song, but how true! Now to spread ‘your words’!” Anna Marie (Grandparent, USA)

“Mr Tim ran a program at Aranda Primary in 2005 that my 2 children participated in.  The performance was incredible! I would recommend him to anyone – he had the non musical, rhythmically challenged and tone-deaf all involved – having a ball and giving the audience a brilliant night of excellent entertainment.”  Chrissie (Parent Aranda P.S.)

“Congratulations on last night’s school musical production with “Mr Tim”. The children were all fabulous, as were the teachers with your Aretha Franklin showstopper. It was a most enjoyable evening for all and great to see the kids having so much fun performing on stage.” 
“Australia has celebrated the talent and success of another “Tim” in recent years, but Mr Tim is surely waiting in the wings! A stunning, professional, funny performance in Yass last night, saw 300 Mt Carmel Primary School students absolutely rock the foundations of their school and town, after only 4 days of his magic. Wow!!!”  Jane Southwell (Parent Mt Carmel P.S.)

“[Mr] Tim’s talents are without peer when it comes to motivating the students and we are indebted to him for his superhuman efforts.”   Grace Dunlop (Principal, Kaleen P.S.)

“[Mr Tim] provides the class with inclusive, high interest and energetic lessons that equip even the most reluctant child with exuberant confidence during his sessions.”   Belinda Love (Principal, Giralang P.S)

A selection from the kids:

“Everything Mr Tim is involved in has to be awesome.” Sophie P.

“He is exciting and unique.” Axel H.

“Mr TIm is hilarious and he has made me love drama.” Jamie

“I was in one of his play and it was hilarious.” Samantha

“Mr Tim brings happiness, joy and laughter.” HannahMr Tim drawn by a kid

Mr Tim drawn by a kid

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