Workshop - Mr TimWhy are these programs important?

Being aware of the busy teacher’s schedule and amount of training required for arts education, Mr Tim has developed simple, engaging and sophisticated material that brings confidence to students and educators.

These effective tools are fun and full of creative experiences that can be transferred into all areas of learning. Part of Mr Tim’s mission is to give everyone strategies to use the Performing Arts to enhance their experiences in all subjects across the curriculum.

All workshops can be tailored made to your needs.

Why Mr Tim?

Mr Tim brings out the best in people. He is a professional musician and qualified teacher with over 15 years experience in the field. He is highly sought after as a performing arts specialist, teacher and composer.

His unique programs are renowned for motivating, empowering and engaging both children and adults alike. He brings high quality performances together in short periods of time with his unique set of skills, humour and energy; making the arts accessible to all ages and bringing out confidence and hidden talents of those he works with.

 What type of workshops are offered?

To get an idea please watch the making of an Extravaganza by Mr Tim @ Hughes Primary School:



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