For a glimpse of Mr Tim & The Fuzzy Elbows at Festival and events, please watch our Show Reel.

Mr Tim & The Fuzzy Elbows live at the “I Can Fly” Album Launch singing the last song of the set “He Made A Mistake”

See the full band with all the musicians and the children’s choir who performed on the album “I Can Fly” at the album launch concert.

Video clip from the last album, ‘Bartimus Fum’s Rock Mission’ – A response to the obesity epidemic aka ‘The Broccoli Song’.

Here is a performance I did at the  Cotter Dam Extension Opening with a couple of awesome friends I made on the day!

‘Mr Tim Extravaganza Program @ Hughes Primary’

Documentary on the ‘Mr Tim Extravaganza Program’ which gives schools the chance to have an end of term concert like never before! With up to 400 kids, I put an original show together with them in only 4 days!!!

Video Clip of ‘The Greatest Way To Learn’ from the album ‘I Can Fly’ by CIT Students

The above film clip was made by CIT students for an assignment. Big thanks to Archibald Cruttwell, Zhenshi van der Klooster and Ryan Oliver-Page for directing, filming and producing the clip.

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